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Gosh wow, livejournal, it has been quite a while hasn't it. I have not been on these Internets, but I have been on other Internets! I don't really know if I have any friends on here whom I don't know on other Internets, but in case maybe you've stumbled across one of my stories and want to know where other things are?

DIS MAH TUMBLR where my dumb thoughts go

DIS MAH AO3Z where my dumb fic goes

And may I add, you are looking lovely today.

me:  they just released a new trailer in Germany that has scenes that aren’t in the American version, all of fandom has been exploding with translations of the German
Stephanie:  omg, fandom.

Dec. 20th, 2011


So featherfish and I were discussing Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Weirdos and I ended up writing chatfic about the end of the movie. If you haven't seen it, there are spoilers, though not that anyone couldn't guess before seeing the movie. Or having read EMPT and every story that came after that. Um.

"...and then the wild animal sex?" "yes of course."Collapse )

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Weirdos.

I barely even have words to describe my feelings about Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Immediately after seeing it I tweeted: "Sherlock Holmes 2 was a hallucinatory film experience that I constantly couldn't believe was happening to me. Not sure if I recommend it?" That feeling holds true this morning; I'm finding it difficult to believe that some stuff in that movie actually happened in the movie and not in my dreams afterwards.

I'm not going to write a full review, I'm just going to list a few of the more cracktastic elements of the film that I think are particularly ripe for discussion and in no particular order. This will have some spoilers... not as though there's any real plot to speak of...

All in all, splintercat and I decided that this movie was written as a round robin-style crackfic and just accidentally ended up being made into a huge-budget Hollywood film.Collapse )
Things I accomplished today:
 -All of the writing.
 -None of the objectives.

Sorry, Holiday Meme people, I'm going to need a little while longer for all of these fills to come together, I'm apparently having issues writing things that I need to write. I started out with the BBC Sherlock boxing thing for paitac but somehow after a few hundred words it turned into something other than what I intended it to be, and with NO DUDES FIGHTING WHATSOEVER. I disappoint myself. I'm going to try again.

However you should all maybe expect some Zodiac-obsessed-reporter slash based on that David Fincher movie soon. Because seriously this shit is out of control in my brain right now. Have you seen RDJ as Paul Avery in that movie? Just. Ugh. His Tony Stark facial hair and his fucking vests and his doofy little neckscarves. Smoking cigarettes and typing on typewriters and sitting on Robert's desk and then yelling at Robert for sitting on his desk? And making fun of Robert for going to the library. And being terrible at shooting guns. IDGAF if the movie wasn't actually about Paul Avery. FAVORITE FOREVER.

Meme time!

Hey you guys! Remember this meme from last year that I think featherfish came up with? Well, I'm doing it again this year! I am trying to get back into the habit of writing more often, so I want EVERYONE to prompt me on this. Friends! People I only vaguely know! Strangers who just stumbled across my journal from some fic of mine they read somewhere! Go anon if you're embarrassed to be stalking me or if you want to post some horrifying prompt (or both).


The Offer: Ask me to write something. Literally, absolutely anything. Give me a prompt for whatever you want... it can be fandom-related -- any fandom you know I have some little experience in, really really obscure ones that aren't technically fandoms... OR, it doesn't have to be fanfiction. It can just be some original idea for a situation, characters, anything you can think of. It can be porn or the total opposite of porn. I don't care. You can request as many different things as you want. The one and only rule is that it has to be something I can do in a drabble (a few hundred words).

The Promise: I will write all of them. Some of them might not be awesome and they probably won't all get done in time for Christmas, but I know that not all of you even celebrate Christmas, so who cares? But they will get written.

So that's a pretty cool offer, right? Give me some prompts, people! I want to write a bunch of stuff. Gotta stay sharp. Happy Holidays/New Year to everyone. ♥
I'm editing an author index right now, and one of the names cited in this text is Cobb, D. D.

Please tell me at least someone else involved in editing this book thought "Dominic Cobb wrote a text on brittle ceramics and fracture?"

ETA: There is another entry under the name of Fett. Someone has to be fucking with me today.

ETA 2: Last name Lube?? SERIOUSLY???

Nov. 30th, 2011

Marvel: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (mostly movieverse). R for sex. 3300 words.
Summary: If Tony were Nick Fury, he’d probably also be wary of how enthusiastically Tony agreed to make a custom communicator for Steve. Tony accidentally finds one of Steve’s erogenous zones.
Notes: Thanks to splintercat for beta reading and reccing me All The Steve/Tony and being beautiful.

Steve has weird ears, Tony decides.Collapse )

Nov. 27th, 2011

Hello friends! I need some fandom advice. If I were, hypothetically, to be writing a Steve Rogers/Tony Stark oneshot, where should I post it? A recommended LJ community? Do you have an invite to AO3 that you'd be willing to share so I don't have to wait until January (wait is that even how that works?)? Some other archive I've never even heard of?

Please let me know!

In related news, I can't believe I've never applied to AO3 before now, what have I been doing with my life?


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